Feeling funny, funny? Or funny, funny, haha? We hope it’s the latter, but sometimes, more regularly than we’d like to admit, life’s rollercoaster gets the better of us.

Mental health is a topic that hits close to home for us Arthur girls, particularly in Bali, home to our HQ. Nationwide, resources for mental health are relatively slim and the topic is widely misunderstood, especially within the local community.

With World Suicide Prevention Day and R U OK day quickly approaching, we have decided to support the cause by giving back to a community that has so lovingly brought Arthur to life.

On the 5th of September our Arthur mother, Olivia, will be participating in THE FREEDOM SUMMIT, an extreme mountaineering expedition to raise funds for those suffering with mental health issues and suicidal crisis within Indonesia. Your donations will contribute towards the newly established L.I.S.A (Love Inside Suicide Awareness) Suicide Prevention Hotline and their endeavour to establish a stabilisation unit for critical situations. 

All givers, no matter how small $ or large $$$, will be supporting a cause that we’re sure resonates with every one of us. Better yet, any Arthur girls (or boys) who donate, will enter a draw to win a $500 Arthur Apparel voucher. Every $5 donated = 1 entry. Ensure to "display your donation & comment" and add “Team Arthur” as your comment when processing your donation.

Click the link below to be a giver. We are forever grateful.

Break a leg!

Team Arthur x